Hi Friend!

Welcome to Creative Business Challenge, where I help you craft your success: from passion to profit.

I am Amanda Dillon, a coastal crafter and creative business owner from Navarre, Florida. I am the owner of Mettle Modern Design and Deep South Shelling.

I have two recurring memberships, I affiliate and am a brand ambassador for several national craft brands, I sell in local booths and online, and my biggest passion is that I teach others how to start and grow their own craft businesses.

A few fun facts about me:

I am a proud mom to three beautiful daughters, who've all flown the nest.

I started my own craft business at age 43, and grew it exponentially in a few short years.

I have Crohn's Disease and spent years on disability, feeling inadequate and unfulfilled.

I sell seashells by the seashore!

I love to create with glass and resin, and I have a membership dedicated to this art!

I pray daily and know in my heart I am doing what I was meant to do all along, and that I have a responsibility to share my gifts and talents with others.

I moved to Florida twenty years after making it my goal to do so. Sometimes goals take time.

I am glad you are here.